Shifting Out of Fear and Into Love


We interviewed Andrea Libutti MD, physician and author, about shifting out of fear and into love. She began the work of reconstructing herself after her oldest son was diagnosed with severe autism several years ago.

Distraught and seemingly hopeless at the time, a series of unfolding events moved her from sleepwalking through life toward a personal journey of inner transformation.

She immersed herself in research surrounding the causes and treatments for autism, and after several years of learning she has come to understand the disorder from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective.

She believes that the masses of children diagnosed today with autism are here to teach us some important lessons about the world we have created.

Humanity has gotten off track—often motivated by profit—leaving our bodies and our planet overburdened with toxins, and our families exhausted, stressed, and broken.

It is for these very reasons that autism has emerged as an epidemic and a calling for humanity to wake up.

We cannot continue to deplete our planet and our souls and still expect our children to thrive.
She has learned that the most important thing you can do to help your child is to help yourself by practicing mindfulness, which enables us to shift out of fear and into love.

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About Andrea Libutti MD

Andrea Libutti MD is a physician who is passionate about holistic health and living. She has extensive knowledge about autism from both a physical and spiritual perspective.

She has been a speaker at national autism conferences and loves educating people about autism and is the author of Awakened by Autism: Embracing Autism, Self , and Hope for a New World.

Her mission is to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives, paving the way for a kinder world.

Dr. Libutti graduated with a medical degree from the University of Southern California and lives in eastern Long Island with her husband and three boys.


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