The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning


We interviewed Wendy Beth Rosen, author of The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning: Why Millions of Learning-Disabled Children Are Misdiagnosed.
The symptoms of many vision problems can mimic disorders such as dyslexia and ADHD.

Vision-related learning problems affect 25% of school-age children, yet knowledge about these types of vision problems is scant.
There is a difference between vision and eyesight, and there’s more to vision than 20/20.
Wendy learned these facts when she found out that her own daughter fell below grade level in written expression.
It turns out that she had a previously undiagnosed condition that caused her to see double, which made it difficult for her to track lines of print on a page.
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About Wendy Beth Rosen

Wendy RosenWendy Beth Rosen is a certified early childhood and elementary teacher and holds a dual degree in art.
Throughout her diverse career as an educator she has taught pre-school through high school students in schools, camps, and a variety of educational settings.
A proponent of innovation and creativity in the field of education, Wendy has developed numerous curriculum resources on a wide range of educational topics.
Additionally, she has facilitated professional development workshops for teachers, child study team personnel, and administrators about the effects of vision-related learning problems on academic achievement and behavior.
You can find her book The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning: Why Millions of Learning-Disabled Children Are Misdiagnosed on Amazon.
You can find out more about her and her work at her website


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