What Does Vitamin A Toxicity Look Like? with Garrett Smith NMD


We interviewed licensed naturopathic medical doctor Garrett Smith, the founder of Nutrition Restored about vitamin A toxicity. You can watch the replay below.

Vitamin A is sometimes given to help reduce a person’s viral load. However, it is well-known that vitamin A toxicity can happen in humans and animals because at some point, the liver can no longer quickly absorb and store vitamin A, so the excess is then stored in fat.

Because chronic vitamin A toxicity is a slow build up over years and decades until parts of the body are near saturated, it can be difficult to pinpoint when levels have built up to harmful amounts.

The basic premise of Dr. Smith’s work is that many autoimmune diseases are caused by being in a chronic state of elevated storage levels of retinol, retinoic acid and possibly the carotenoid vitamin A precursor. This build up appears to be happening in lockstep with the introduction of use of the pesticide, RoundUp, which contains the toxic chemical glyphosate.

To date, tens of thousands of lawsuits have implicated glyphosate as a potential cause of cancer.

In This Webinar

In the webinar, Dr. Smith discusses the mechanism by which vitamin A can build up to toxic levels. By following a vitamin A toxicity reduction program as well as a reduction of glyphosate and aldehydes, people may benefit from a reduction in symptoms of:

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About Garrett Smith NMD

Garrett Smith is a licensed naturopathic medical doctor in Arizona and the founder of Nutrition Restored. He received his doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and a BS in physiological sciences from the University of Arizona.

Dr. Smith is focused on uncovering and spreading the word on the disastrous effects that Vitamin A toxicity (including carotenoids) has on people’s health.

Garrett Smith NMD

He considers himself a leading expert in connecting and most importantly, correcting, the chronic Vitamin A toxicity that he believes is truly the cause of the modern world’s chronic diseases. You can find him at his website: www.nutritionrestored.com


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