The ​Documenting Hope ​Project ​is ​Epidemic Answers’ cornerstone research program. The mission of this work ​is to illuminate root causes and inspire hope for preventing and reversing childhood health and developmental conditions through careful observation, robust documentation and collaborative science.

Our Research

​There is a vast body of medical and scientific literature that supports the premise that using an integrative and individualized therapeutic approach to address core biological processes can result in the improvement and even reversal of chronic disease. We have been observing this recovery phenomenon in families across the country for well over a decade, and now we are rigorously studying it. The Documenting Hope Project features two IRB-approved research studies to better understand this phenomenon and find out what it is going to take to make prevention and reversal the new normal for our kids.

Child Health Inventory for Resilience and Prevention (CHIRP)

The CHIRP™ Study features the most comprehensive total-life child health survey available. Taking an inventory of the many potential health influencers in a child’s life (environment, diet, medical care, beliefs and more) and comparing these variables to health outcomes may provide profound insight into how modern living impacts kids health and how we can protect them from disease. By applying novel methods to systematically study this vast spectrum of health and developmental influences, we believe we are breaking new ground and generating hope for children and families for generations to come.

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Facilitated Longitudinal Intensive Investigation of Genuine Health Transformation (FLIGHT)

The FLIGHT Study aims to conduct, publish and publicize the first prospective study to rigorously document a whole-child model of care observed to reverse a variety of chronic childhood conditions. The study adds facilitation, structure and comprehensiveness to an informal community-based approach that we have already seen result in significant improved long-term health outcomes. We call this “genuine health transformation.” The FLIGHT Study aims to demonstrate proof-of-principle of genuine health transformation by documenting specific successes achieved by applying a systematic bioindividual and “whole child” model of care.

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We are documenting hope for our kids and our future.
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