What Epidemic?

We’ve all heard comments like:

“Another one of my cousin’s kids was diagnosed with autism”

“My baby has really bad eczema and has the worst reflux!”

“Which medication are you using for your son’s ADHD? My son can’t sit still in school”

“We’ll be there as soon as we are done with the nebulizer . . .”

Just because it is common, does not mean it is normal.

There is an epidemic of epidemics of chronic childhood conditions sweeping through the industrialized world.

The Statistics   At least one in two children in the U.S. have a diagnosed chronic illness. Learn more about the skyrocketing rates of childhood disorders.

Many Diagnoses, One Epidemic  Understand how chronic childhood illnesses (from autism to rheumatoid arthritis) have the same set of root causes.

Why Are We So Sick?  We strongly believe that a combination of increased awareness, better identification and more inclusive categories are insufficient to explain the skyrocketing rates of sick children. Our bodies can only handle so many stressors before we begin to show symptoms of illness.  Learn about the “total load theory” here.

What’s At Stake?  We all know that healthcare is expensive but have you thought about how this epidemic is: