Dana Laake RDH MS LDN
Dana Laake RDH MS LDN


11224 Orleans Way
White Flint Park
United States
Phone: (301) 942-5505
Website: www.facebook.com/Dana-Laake-Nutrition-118506546774
Company: Dana Laake Nutrition
Education: Temple University (Dental Hygiene) University of Maryland BS (Health Sciences) University of Maryland MS (Nutrition)
Certifications: Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (Maryland) Licensed Nutritionist (Washington, DC)
Additional Information: Autism Research Institute, Member and Educator Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs, Faculty Neurological Health Foundation, Scientific Advisory Board The Autism Exchange, Scientific Advisory Board The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook, coauthor The ADHD & Autism Nutritional Supplement Handbook, coauthor Radio Show Host:Essentials of Healthy Living WTOP 1500 AM