Deborah Engisch-Platt
Deborah Engisch-Platt CMT


PO Box 175
River Road
Point Pleasant,
United States
Phone: (215) 297-8899
Company: Riversong Massage
Education: Reiki Training: Beth Gray (1990), Al Reith (1999) Massage Training: Graduated from Health Choices School (NJ) 1991 Additional Training: Reflexology / Active Isolated Stretching / Sound Healing Jin Shin Jyutsu: Attended numerous classes, study groups and run 2 large online groups, one for those who are interested but haven't taken training with well over 1000 international members & a closed professional level group with over 500 international members
Certifications: Reiki Integrated Therapeutic Massage Bodyworker Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner Active Isolated Stretching
Additional Information: I specialize in acute & chronic pain relief, along with stress reduction, providing integrated therapeutic massage therapy (utilizing multiple modalities). All of my regular clients receive extended session treatment times of 90 minutes . Each client is evaluated during their 1st session to determine their individual needs. An additional 10 to 15 minutes or more are commonly allowed in addition to the actual treatment time for filling out a detailed case history form, discussion time & assessment. Full draping is used at all times to provide both warmth & modesty to my clients. Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments generally require 75 minutes from beginning to end, to review my clients issues & do assessments. Comfortable clothing is worn during these sessions, blankets are provided to keep you warm & relaxed. JSJ is an ancient healing art, based on similar principals to that of acupuncture, but it is done without the needles. It is widely used around the world in hospitals, ERs, Cardiac & Cancer treatment centers, as well as in private practice, for all ages & stages of life.