Nutrition and Autism, ADHD, SPD and Other Developmental Delays

by Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND, Co-Founder, Developmental Delay Resources An astounding study found a strong correlation between nutrient status and better performance on difficult visuo-spatial and abstraction tests. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1997:65, 20-29).  Present or past intakes of protein, vitamins B-1, B-2, B-6, B-12, E, C, folate, and niacin were all related to intellectual performance in healthy, elderly individuals. If aging adults can improve visual and abstract intellectual functioning simply by eating better and taking supplements, is it not logical that the same would be true for children struggling to develop these skills? Nutrition and Autism, ADHD, SPD and Other Developmental Delays In many ways the deterioration of mental flexibility and sharpness accepted as part of growing older is similar to the processing sluggishness often seen in children with developmental delays. In one situation, the ravages of aging is the culprit; in the other, a total load of stressors causes the brain to process information slowly or inaccurately….

BioSET for Allergy Elimination

An interview with Lauren Stone, PhD, MS, HHP, Homotoxicologist, BioSET practitioner, and holistic health practitioner How did you first become involved with BioSET treatment? I started out in academia and was finishing up my Ph.D. when my children were born. Once my children were born, they ran into a lot of health issues and my career path started to take some turns. My 2 year old had persistent projectile vomiting and my older son had chronic loose stools.  It was difficult finding treatment for my kids.  When we sought medical advice, all we were told was that this was normal and that there wasn’t anything we could do for them. Feeling frustrated with the medical establishment, I started researching on my own in an effort to figure out what was going on.  I thought my children’s problems had something to do with reactions to certain foods they were eating. I was frustrated in that I had three children, and all…