Testimonials“I have been looking at your website, Epidemic Answers for a few years now—I cannot tell you how inspiring I have found it, and I always refer back to it when I need a boost for belief in what I am doing. . . My daughter is a classic ‘Canary Kid”—eczema, acid reflux, colic from birth . . .Your website made me really tackle my daughter’s health issues—we went organic, gluten free, dairy free, etc. . . .and a new piece that I introduced was NMT—again, learnt [sic] from Epidemic Answers. NMT has hugely hugely helped her seasonal allergies—I am astonished. So THANK YOU; what you are doing means so much to me. I have referred many parents to you.”

~Ruth—submitted on Facebook

“What a great organization you have put together! We have also fully recovered our daughter from autism and know how important it is to get the word out that these epidemics can be prevented! Thank you for what you are doing.”

~Holly–via website

“You are all doing such good and great things. Your preparation of Coaches will land divine parachutes to families and divine punches/blows to the crippled/crippling health care system.”
~Janiece Andrews, MD

“We are getting our boy back, he is becoming the child he was meant to be and we are thrilled with the outcome. We still have plenty ahead of us but with hope and faith everything is possible.  Thank you for all that you are doing.”

~Maria–via website

“I know recovery is possible, I saw it with my own two eyes! Thank you for doing this very important work.”

~Susan–via email

“Hi there, I think the film you are creating is wonderful! So many of us parents are sick of being pushed to the next or brushed off by doctors and others. This IS a huge epidemic and I am so thankful you are shining a ray of light and hope for parents and children with these conditions alike! My son who is 6 and suffers from SPD and I have been on the hunt for many years to find help.   . . . What you are doing is amazing! Thank you!!”

~concerned and hopeful Mama—Kerri (submitted via Facebook)

“Just a quick note of thanks and appreciation to you and Lauren for the terrific webinar yesterday!

I’ve watched other PANDAS/PANS webinars and sometimes have come away from them feeling like I didn’t learn anything new or helpful.  However, I found Lauren’s content to be both fresh and very helpful 🙂  I’m so glad that I signed-up and tuned-in, and I just wanted to pass along my appreciation to both of you for making this opportunity available!

With best regards,

~Mom to Tim, age 20 (diagnosed with “Autism” just after his 3rd birthday, but now it’s believed by his team of docs that it was really PANS all along and never Autism)”

“I am going to get one of the Canary car magnets. I LOVE what it looks like y’all are doing/going to be doing!!!! I am going to devour everything on your site!”

~Kim, via Facebook

The information is great! As a practitioner with limited tech skills, your page helps me to spread the good word about noninvasive practices. Families need to hear this information consistently. Begin to trust in the process. Then take action!! Thanks for your help!”

~Todd Stelik, OTR/L, CHHP at Health180 via Facebook

“As a parent who healed my child the alternate route (after being told there were no known causes or treatment of my daughters conditions) – I already knew about the majority of treatments and therapies and causes highlighted by Documenting Hope by the time I found Documenting Hope – but what I feel Documenting Hope does is it puts a lot of important information in one place… and the stories shared truly do offer hope to parents who are willing to believe… I have found the hardest part is that the majority of parents are so brainwashed by traditional medicine that they simply aren’t looking – but the rewards are great for the ones who do – it is sad that it is children who lose out – I have co-written a book all about this – Beth kindly wrote us a wonderful review which is featured on the book’s back cover… we are trying to infiltrate schools and to get to parents who don’t even know they need to be looking for solutions – because the parents of the really sick kids – we are the ones who were desperately searching – but so many parents don’t realize their kids eczema can be cured without damaging the child further with long term use of steroids etc., anyway – just wanted to say the project is great and the resources aplenty – it is how to get more people to believe in the truths that are being buried by the pharma industry…. :)”

~Monica Reinhard-Gorney via Facebook