How Homeovitics Can Help: A Mother’s Testimonial

Homeovitics has helped recover my son from Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), a form of autism.

Before our recovery story began, I worked as an executive in a chemical company for 10 years.

Although I did my best to avoid exposure to chemicals and heavy metal while pregnant, I didn’t know that the chronic, low-level exposures over the years may have accumulated toxins in my body.

A Diagnosis of PDD

These “hand-me-down” toxins were then passed along to my child in utero – ultimately compromising his immune system.

Shortly after our son was born, this seemingly healthy baby was becoming more and more fussy.

At about one year, he had stopped responding to his name and wasn’t babbling anymore.  High fevers, gastrointestinal problems, night terrors and ear infections soon followed.

At 2 1/2, he was diagnosed as having Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD).

We began investigating the effects that toxins (xenobiotics) may have on developing fetuses.

We read in Our Stolen Future by Theo Colburn, Senior Scientist of the World Wildlife Fund, that xenobiotics can mimic hormones.

In the most minute amounts, they can interrupt the pregnant mother’s thyroid hormone, thereby preventing the proliferation and orderly migration of nerve cells to appropriate areas of the developing brain.

We also learned that xenobiotics are global and insidious, lurking in what we breathe, eat, and drink – and that tiny amounts can suppress the immune system, trigger autoimmune diseases, and damage the nervous system.

Toxins could be responsible for many of the health problems found in children with autism, PDD, Asperger’s syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome, attention deficits and other chronic conditions.

It became increasingly evident that our son’s disorder was not entirely genetic in origin, and that he was most likely injured during a critical period of his embryological develop­ment.

These assaults and others such as toxins and antibiotics may have been responsible for, or may have contributed to, his later diagnosis.

Homeovitics Therapy

After much research, we learned about homeovitics therapy available from HVS Laboratories.

Based on his developmental history, specific, individualized formulations were suggested for our son, who was then almost five years old.

No blood or urine testing was necessary.

Under the guidance of Dr. Gregory Ellis, a certified nutritionist, and Dr. Jeffrey Klass, a naturopath, our son began his treatment protocol, along with other intensive interactions.

For the first six months, he experienced release responses, such as stomach aches, fevers, rashes, coughs, aggressive behavior, diarrhea, strep infections, sudden sobbing, excessive sweating and nervousness.

Who wants their child to be sick?

The Beginning of Recovery

We were really questioning ourselves and the treatment.

But Dr. Ellis assures us that the human body is very smart and releases toxins only at a rate that’s safe; it is not designed to self-combust.

And our son didn’t self-combust.

Suddenly, he had a growth spurt.

He developed muscles and a voracious appetite!

He began to tolerate more foods.

His sensory processing began to change, too.

He started looking directly at objects instead of tracking them out of the comer of his eye.

He noticed (and complained about) environmental noise.

He became more affectionate, enjoying cuddling and massages, and developing an interest in his brother.

And then, finally, he began to comment about his surrounding and to express his feelings.

In short, we’re seeing a real cause-and-effect with the HVS therapy.

We believe it to be the deepest and safest method of addressing the origin of our son’s problem: cellular toxicity).

The more his body cleans itself up, the faster are his physical and cognitive gains.

A simple analogy: before you paint the wall, first remove the grease.

Perhaps by removing some of the xenobiotics, the treatment may have removed not only whatever was blocking his enzymatic processes from functioning properly, but also some of the “blocks” that originally inhibited healthy and complete neuronal migration in utero, or shortly thereafter.

As our son continues to detoxify, we will begin the next phase – rebuilding.

This will include nutritionals vitamins, and a low carbohydrate, high protein diet.

A year after our son began homeovitics, we reran some tests and compared them with last year’s results.

We were elated to find that many aspects of his biochemistry had improved.

He no longer has any fungal or yeast metabolites and his blood mineral test is almost normal.

Today our son and a friend – who also has PDD and has been following the same HVS protocol – have started transitioning into regular kindergartens.

We hope and pray that one day our son, after overcoming all of the chronic assaults that hindered his early development, will be able to function fully in a mainstream setting.

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