NAET for ADHD and Autism

by Devi S. Nambudripad, DC, LAc, RN, PhD

Alexander has dark circles under his eyes and a constant “cold.” After finishing off macaroni and cheese, he throws a temper tantrum when asked to hang up his jacket. He wants ice cream; his mother promises it after he finishes his homework. He throws his book at her. His doctor has diagnosed attention deficit disorder.  Is that the problem, or is he allergic to milk products?

Treatment for Allergies

Conventional western medicine diagnoses allergies with skin tests and blood analysis. Treatment by desensitization, using injections of allergenic substances over extended periods of time, is effective in some cases. Drugs such as antihistamines and steroids can alleviate symptoms.

The only sure and completely effective option is total avoidance of the substance. Abstinence, of course, does not correct the underlying problem. Furthermore, with substances such as grass, milk, and wheat, abstinence can be difficult to impossible.

Years ago, I resolved to find a cure for my son’s chronic skin rashes, vomiting, irritability and hyperactivity and my own lifelong allergic reactions to foods.

Discovery and Healing

Integrating my training in applied kinesiology, chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition provided the knowledge I needed. I began to understand allergies in terms of interference with the flow of electromagnetic energy in our bodies.  I learned to diagnose and treat allergies with energy-balancing techniques from kinesiology and oriental medicine. Finally, this approach brought relief for me and my son.

NAET Diagnosis

Muscle response testing (MRT), a technique from applied kinesiology, is a key part of my diagnosis.  When an allergen’s incompatible electromagnetic energy enters a person’s energy field, immediate repulsion occurs. Unaware of this repulsion, we often go near allergens and interact with their energies.  The repulsion can be detected by MRT.

Alexander, for instance, can easily resist five pounds of pressure on his raised left arm for a few seconds.  However, if he is allergic to milk products, that left arm will noticeably weaken when he holds a piece of cheese in his right hand, where highly sensitive sensory receptors pick up its disruptive energy and communicate danger to his brain.  MRT is subtle and requires considerable practice, but once mastered it can be used to detect adverse reactions to any substance, and even to feelings and thoughts.

NAET Treatment

To treat an allergy like Alexander’s, I combine MRT with acupuncture techniques. Using MRT, I locate blockages in his electrical circuits, or acupuncture meridians, caused by his allergy to milk.  Then when I reconnect or reopen these circuits in the presence of dairy products, his brain learns to respond differently.

I apply mild pressure to specific acupuncture points while he holds the cheese or another milk product. This pressure stimulates the flow of energy in his blocked meridians. I continue until his MRT is strong, indicating that dairy products no longer cause stress in his system.

When his allergies are eliminated, Alexander’s body will screen out toxins or remove toxic build-up through natural excretory mechanisms. He will assimilate nutrients appropriately from all foods. With efficient communication between the brain and body restored, his system will work naturally to promote healthy development.

Allergens are “cleared” one at a time with NAET, usually in a specific sequence, and only one item in one day.  The substance must be completely avoided for 25 hours following treatment and is then permanently neutralized.  If the child has exceptionally high sensitivity, we repeat the process.  One of my clients reported eating a whole box of chocolate covered cherries after treatment for chocolate without the slightest hint of her former problems.

Broad Benefits

My diagnostic and treatment techniques have proved successful with allergy-based respiratory, circulatory, gastrointestinal, genito-urinary, dermatological, and musculo-skeletal conditions and addictions.  Most importantly, they also eliminate the symptoms of ADHD and autism in most children.

Realizing that most autism spectrum disorders are allergy based, I wrote Say Goodbye to Allergy-Related ADD and ADHD and Say Good-Bye to Autism to inform and educate people. Making NAET available to misdiagnosed and wrongly treated children, helping them grow into calm, responsible, and productive individuals, and bringing relief to their worried, frustrated parents are my goals.

Locating NAET Practitioners

If southern California is too far away, you can now be treated with NAET closer to home. I have trained thousands of doctors of acupuncture, allopathy, chiropractic and various other licensed medical practitioners in my allergy elimination treatment method. NAET practitioners’ names are available from my website,