Family Constellations

Family Constellations are a way of healing dysfunctional relationships and the psychological wounds that impact these relationships. Family relationships always bring plenty of drama because of hidden dynamics and painful wounds. Every generation has their “skeletons in the closet” as they pass on their grudges, unhappiness, and “family secrets” that impact the family’s generational history.

This powerful therapy heals emotional suffering on all levels from a very different approach than traditional family therapy.

What Is Family Constellations Therapy?

Family Constellations Therapy is a very powerful type of energy medicine tool for healing multi-generational psychological wounds. Dr. Bert Hellinger, renowned German psychoanalyst, founded this work and studied and treated families for more than 50 years. His approach began with the idea that dysfunction, suffering and unhappiness often relate to painful events in a family’s past, instead of originating in a person’s life history from birth to the present.

Family Constellations facilitators believe these psychological wounds such as anger, anxiety, guilt, aloneness, alcoholism and depression can contribute to the cumulative toxic load causing chronic illness. By addressing and removing these family issues results in reducing or reversing chronic illness symptoms.

What Are Some Issues That Family Constellations Therapy Can Heal?

  • Dysfunctional relationships
  • Trauma
  • Loss
  • Negative or harmful relationship patterns
  • Inner turmoil
  • Abuse and abusive patterns
  • Family drama
  • Negative emotions
  • Emotional stress

How Can Family Constellations Help My Child?

Children on the autism spectrum and other neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, learning disabilities and Sensory Processing Disorder are often sensitive to external energy and sensory stimuli from their environment (visual, auditory, touch, smell and hearing), so they experience sensory overload very easily.

Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD believes that these children with energetic sensitivities become vulnerable to disturbances in the energy field of their families. Every family has a multitude of unhealed multi-generational family issues which ultimately result in energy blockages.

Dr. Klinghardt believes that by healing the generational families of these children, the energy blockages will decrease and so will the toxic load that these children carry. He feels Family Constellation Therapy is a way to reverse many of the imbalances these children experience.

Where Can I Locate a Family Constellations Facilitator?

The Hellinger Institute and independent groups around the world offer this treatment. To find one, go to

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