Homeopathic Sound Healing Remedies

Sound HealingHomeopathic color and sound healing remedies create inner balance and stability by activating an individual’s energy system, using vibration to allow the body to heal itself.

Recently, practitioners have found positive results in addressing compromised immunity, inflammation, and hypersensitivities in children with autism and other developmental delays using these vibrational remedies, which penetrate deeply to address imbalances in the energy field.  

From Classical Homeopathy to Color Healing  

Homeopaths use homeopathy’s key tenet, known as the “Law of Similars”, to match a homeopathic remedy with a patient’s constitutional nature.

Classical remedies, which address a patient’s physical, emotional and mental symptoms, are made from plant, mineral or animal substances to stimulate the body’s “vital force”, thus enhancing its ability to heal.  

Color Remedies 

Color remedies come in kits containing small pellets in one-dram brown bottles of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, pink, turquoise, indigo blue, violet, magenta and spectrum (all the colors).

Like classical remedies, they are prepared through a process of dilution.

The higher the number of dilutions, the greater the potency, and the more powerful the remedy.

Color remedies are available in three strengths:

  • The lowest potency (6x) addresses physical symptoms, and is taken three to five times a day.
  • The middle potency, 12c, stimulates both the physical and emotional levels and is used twice a day.
  • A 30c, the strongest potency, addresses all three areas, and is given as a single dose.

These low potencies allow parents to control the dosage. 

Taking color remedies should follow the course of the sun.

Use the hot and vibrant energies in the morning and the soothing and cool energies at night.  

Homeopathic Sound Healing Remedies

Sound healing remedies are made from each of the sound waves of the musical scale and include one remedy called “The Chord,” which is a combination of all notes.

They come in a single potency: 6x.

They work on a higher vibrational level than the color remedies, which are specific to the energy field.

Sound remedies work on mental processes and can improve concentration, foster self-expression and generally enhance learning.

They resonate with our thinking, speech and inner consciousness, thus helping to create forethought and the ability to focus on a task. 

Here are a few examples of some results from using specific colors and sounds:

  • Red is the primary vibrant force in the visible spectrum. It has the slowest oscillation and lowest frequency of vibration of any color. Red promotes grounding by anchoring the spirit in the physical body. It addresses constipation and coordination, and can create anger and aggression if used too often or in too high a potency, however.  
  • Yellow tonifies the digestive organs and can be used to support detoxification. At the emotional level, it builds self confidence and inner strength. Yellow is a very effective remedy for many children with autism and developmental delays. In her book, “The Impossible Cure“, Amy Lansky reports that homeopath John Melnychuk used the homeopathic color remedy yellow to help heal a young boy with autism. 
  • Indigo blue is the color of universal healing and the most favored of all colors. It is an anti-inflammatory that can enhance vision. Emotionally it calms, and mentally it enhances focus.  
  • Spectrum is made up of all the homeopathic color remedies at the same potency. This unique remedy restores vitality after any draining experience. Take Spectrum during the day only, as it is stimulating and can cause insomnia.  
  • Middle C promotes grounding, connection and engagement.  
  • Note B fosters self expression.  
  • Note E enhances a deep sense of self.  
  • Note D stimulates appetite and increases happiness.  
  • The Chord is comprised of all the notes in the scale. It can have a powerful and strengthening effect on one’s sense of self. This remedy has a deep resonance with the spiritual aspects of life.  

Color and Sound Healing Remedies  

Together color and sound healing remedies work in conjunction with each other and can be taken together for optimal effect.

They also work well in addition to constitutional treatment.

If applied correctly, they do not have side effects, which homeopaths call “aggravations.”

Once integrated into the system, they hold their resonance for long periods of time.

The remedies can be repeated or the color and sound changed as needed, with especial care taken as to not over-stimulate a child’s fragile energy system.  

These remedies are ideal for homeopaths seeking to broaden their repertoire, as well as for naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and other healers wishing to address a broad range of conditions.  

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