Autism, Environment, Subtypes and Remissions


We interviewed Norm Schwartz MD, a functional medicine doctor, about the intersection of autism, environment, subtypes and remissions.
The statistics are staggering, with the CDC showing that one in 36 children children have an autism diagnosis.
We all hear about “autism awareness” these days, but what about autism recovery?
And what about so many kids these days on anti-depressants and anti-psychotics?
Although you aren’t likely to hear it from your child’s pediatrician, psychiatrist, neurologist or therapists, recovery from autism is possible if you’re working with an integrative, functional-medicine doctor or naturopath who looks for the root causes of these disorders, such as Norm Schwartz MD.
Find out what these root causes are and how addressing them can lead to your child’s recovery by watching this webinar.
You can find Dr. Schwartz’s presentation for the webinar here.
In addition, you can find the article that he co-wrote with Russ Jaffe MD PhD, Anthropogenic Influences on Biology and the Biota, and Connections to autism Spectrum Disorders here.
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About Norm Schwartz MD

Norm Schwartz MD is an integrative medicine specialist with over thirty years experience in treating complex chronic health problems.
Formerly medical director of Integrative Medicine for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare in Milwaukee, Wisconsin he is now in private practice.
He uses a multidisciplinary approach, combining the art and science of medicine to prescribe individualized natural therapies, including: lifestyle changes, mind-body interventions, detoxification, nutritional and herbal remedies, hormonal and environmental assessments to treat the fundamental causes of chronic illness.
This first line, proactive, low risk, high gain approach is helpful in a wide range of chronic illness-fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, gastro-intestinal disorders, chemical sensitivity, autoimmune disease, heart disease, and cancer.
He has a special interest in helping individuals and families who are dealing with ADHD and autism spectrum disorders.
Dr. Schwartz is also a member of the Medical Advisory Board of Epidemic Answers’ Documenting Hope Project.
Dr. Schwartz put together the recent Autism Intensive Summit, an online interview series of experts in the field of autism recovery, which you can find at
Dr. Schwartz’s website is


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