Take it One Step at a Time

Some people may get overwhelmed looking at all of the information available on our website, and the key is to take it one step at a time.

It’s a lot to take in! We know, we’ve been through it, so let us walk you through the process.

There Is an Order to Healing

There is no one way to heal, but there are foundational aspects that need to be addressed first when chronic illness is present.

Chronic illness indicates that something, usually many things, are out of balance in the body.

Although each person is individual and will have individual needs, there are some universal healing basics that need to be addressed before individualized and specific therapies will be effective.

STEP ONE: Take Away the Bad Stuff and Add Back in the Good Stuff  

Before beginning any individualized healing approach, it is important to remove as many stressors to the body as possible.

Learn how you can make some simple lifestyle changes to green your home and eliminate exposures to environmental toxins.

While removing stressors from your child’s life, it is important to simultaneously support their body’s basic nutritional needs with good, nourishing food.

Food is foundational to healing.; learn about some diet basics here.

STEP TWO: Get Help

Talk to a Certified Health Coach

A health coach is someone who can help a family navigate the healing journey. They can:

  • Support a family as they make diet and lifestyle changes
  • Help identify underlying root causes
  • Recommend health care providers who fit your child’s unique needs

Epidemic Answers offers a free consult with a health coach as a way to get you started.

Find an Integrative Practitioner

Most physicians were trained to manage the symptoms of chronic illnesses, rather than treat the underlying causes. However, there is a better way.

Work with a practitioner experienced in treating the whole body and reversing chronic illness.

Visit the Epidemic Answers Practitioner Directory here to find an integrative practitioner.

Find a Support Group

There are numerous organizations set up to assist families with a multitude of healing issues.

Nearly all of the topics covered on this site – from eating whole foods to methylation issues – have support groups, many of which can be found online and on social media.

STEP THREE: Rebalance the Imbalances

Once you’ve established a good foundation for healing through diet and lifestyle modifications, it is important to try to identify and address any existing imbalances in the body such as:

STEP FOUR: Reintegration

There are many techniques used to enhance function.

These techniques won’t be as effective if the underlying imbalances have not been addressed first.

For example, a child with an imbalance in glutamate and GABA won’t benefit from exercises to improve focus as well until this imbalance has been addressed.

See our Sensory and Structure area to find out more about therapies that can help your child.

STEP FIVE: Continue Your Education

The Epidemic Answers website has a wealth of free information to help you on your child’s healing journey.

Been There? Done That?

Use the checklists below to help generate some ideas of what may have been overlooked in your child’s recovery journey.

Still Looking for Answers?

Visit the Epidemic Answers Practitioner Directory to find a practitioner near you.

Join us at Healing Together, where you’ll find even more resources plus a community to support you, every step of the way.

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