Mindfulness in Autism

In this post, Andrea Libutti MD tells us why is mindfulness in autism the most important thing you can do for your child.

The autism journey is not for the faint of heart. If you are like me, you were thrust on this journey, kicking and screaming, and perhaps even angry at the Universe or the Man upstairs. You certainly didn’t sign up for this and you certainly wouldn’t choose this for yourself.

I am entering the thirteenth year of my journey with my son with autism. And I fought it, and hard, in the early years. I was searching for the silver bullet. I scoured the internet, met with autism experts all over the country, and read everything I could get my hands on. And it did very little to help my son.

From $20,000 hyperbaric oxygen chambers to expensive IV therapies, I gained a lot of knowledge about the physiological train wreck in autism, but very little in the way of a meaningful connection with my son.

And the real irony was the success some of my patients were having implementing biomedical therapies in my private autism practice. A few kids lost their diagnosis with dietary changes and supplementation. Others improved dramatically.

But not my kid. Why?

João from Portugal

Enter João, my non-verbal autistic friend from Portugal. He is an autistic intuitive, who began writing me letters several years ago. He told me we were to join hands and educate the world about autism, to tell the truth about this population.

And what he said was astounding.

We “talked” about energy, vibration, duality on Earth, fear versus love, and many other topics. He explained things I already knew, like the exquisite sensitivity of autistic individuals, but he proposed a spiritual perspective.

I had already understood the science behind the differently wired brains, the overly sensitive nervous systems of autistic children, and the toxicity their bodies were bathing in. But what he proposed was a different perspective, and it had far more to do with the parent than the child.

Had I not already been several years into my own awakening journey, I probably would not have accepted what he said. But because my son was not making strides like other children, I was forced to look within. And that is where the real progress began in my son.

Progress Begins with the Parent

João will tell you, that it all begins with the parent. That self-love, working on ourselves, is the ticket for our kids to fully emerge and integrate here on Earth. Now that may sound far-fetching to some, maybe a little too woo-woo for the science types out there.

But consider this: Einstein, a well-respected science type, discussed energy and vibration as being the substance of matter, of life. He knew everything holds a frequency. We can all agree that we can sense the energy in a room. You know when you’ve walked into a hostile environment in the board room, where you feel like you can cut the tension with a knife.

Autistic individuals, with their exquisitely sensitive systems, are even more in tune. And what João tells us is that autism is here to shift humanity into a state of love. He says that shifts in consciousness start with individual shifts, which then spread from individual to family to community to nation to the world.

The most important thing you can do to help your child is to help yourself by practicing mindfulness in autism. Shifting out of fear and into love is where the money is.

About Andrea Libutti MD

Andrea Libutti MD is a physician who is passionate about holistic health and living. She has extensive knowledge about autism from both a physical and spiritual perspective. She has been a speaker at national autism conferences and loves educating people about autism and is the author of Awakened by Autism: Embracing Autism, Self , and Hope for a New World. Her mission is to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives, paving the way for a kinder world.

Dr. Libutti graduated with a medical degree from the University of Southern California and lives in eastern Long Island with her husband and three boys.

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